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Should I hire childcare for my wedding reception?

Are you having a flower girl or ring bearer in your wedding party? Are you having out of town guest with children under the age of 13? Then yes, you may want to consider hiring a profession event childcare company.

Children can become the life of the party at your reception. However, when it comes to safety, keeping them entertained, and under control during the reception, hiring a professional childcare company like "Go Take a Break (GO-TAB)" to keep a watchful eye on the kiddos can relieve the stress on parents and your wedding coordinator and keep the party going strong.

Here are a few things to consider before hiring an event childcare company?

Take a survey:

Take a survey of your RSVP's. If more then 35% of your guest are bringing children under the age of 13 years old then you will need childcare.

The Venue:

Now that you know you will need childcare at your wedding, its time to look for an accommodating venue. Most childcare companies such as GO-TAB require a space at the venue or within proximity. Check with your venue to first see if they allow children on the premises and if they have a separate space (bridal suite, grooms suite, etc) where you can hold a Kids Reception.

Book Early:

My best advice is to start your search for a professional company like GO-TAB as soon as possible. It is imperative to book your wedding childcare early. I suggest booking at least 3 to 6 months in advance to secure your date and avoid additional cost like “convenience fees or rush fees”. This also gives you a little wiggle room to make any changes to your Kids Reception package before your Big Day.

What are you getting:

When you hire a professional company like GO-TAB, you are getting quality and verified sitters who are CPR and First aid certified, arts and crafts for the kiddos, games, music and a piece of mind in knowing that the kiddos are having fun nearby.

What is the cost:

OK, now let us get to the elephant in the room. How much does it cost to have wedding childcare? Believe it or not, it is very reasonable. The average cost of wedding childcare can range between $15.00-$30.00 per hour/per child. Not to bad considering that you will avoid having little sticky fingers in your beautiful cake, little feet running around bumping into your caterers, and your guest leaving early because the little one is restless.

Now that we have confirmed that you should hire childcare for your wedding and reception, let's book! Go Take a Break and let us entertain the kids!

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